beautiful hardwood floor

If the beauty of your existing hardwood floor is marred by scratches and dents, refinishing could restore its original luster. The process requires sanding a thin layer off the top of the floor, staining it again, and applying a new protective finish.

The Applegate refinishing crew is experienced at stripping, sanding, staining, painting, and polyurethane topcoating. If you opt for a natural finish, we'll apply no stain, but one coat of a polyurethane sealer and three coats of polyurethane. If you'd prefer a stain, we'll apply the stain plus three coats of polyurethane.

If you have only minor damage or a dull-looking floor, we might suggest a screen and coat instead of complete refinishing. This method involves only light sanding and one coat of polyurethane.

Dustless Sanding

Applegate can now offer a highly advanced dustless sanding system that virtually eliminates the wood dust. The filters remove all the dust down to below 1 micron yielding no dust emissions from the system. No plastic sheets or masking is required and there is minimal cleanup. To learn more visit the manufactuers site.