high gloss finish hardwood floor

There are several finishing options for you to consider, too. Through on-site finishing we can achieve any gloss, however prefinished flooring may not be available in every finish.

High gloss is an extremely shiny finish with an 85 to 90 percent luster. The finish is very bright and smooth; think of a bowling lane or a basketball court. But, a high gloss also calls attention to scratches and marks, not to mention dirt and dust.

Semi-gloss is the most popular finish and provides 60 to 70 percent luster when dry. Most prefinished products come with semi-gloss finish.

Satin finishing offer a silky 30 percent luster. Marks and scratches show up less, so satin finishes look newer longer than higher glosses.

Matte finishes are rarely used. They leave a 10 to 15 percent luster, for an oiled look.