About Applegate Wood Flooring

Known regionally and nationally for their expertise, service and definitive sense of style, Applegate Wood Floors, Inc. has established itself as the frontrunner of what is the "cool du jour" in a wood flooring boutique. With forty years of combined experience in the industry, we enjoy a solid reputation for over the top performance and first class service going beyond expectation. Applegate Wood Floors, Inc. sources exclusive wood flooring and custom fitting throughout the continental US.

We at Applegate Wood Floors have only two real passions: wood floors and our clients. Thanks to a carefully selected network of manufacturers and suppliers across the U.S., Applegate Wood Floors, Inc. features over 15 wood species in a wide range of widths, finishes and grades to suit any taste and lifestyle. With a solid industry reputation for over the top products, performance and price, Applegate Wood Floors, Inc. specializes in serving discriminating clients throughout the continental U.S. Premium Products... Performance... & Price.

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